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in Light Pickup Trucks
Deal directly with Owner:  DuPont Public Sales of Wilmington, Delaware
Item ID: 247362

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Chevrolet Silverado Truck - Pickup 2001

Bids accepted through April 19, 2024 - DuPont asset# 649-1252

2001 Chevrolet silverado truck - pickup

Fair condition - needs repair

120604 miles 

Here is what the site documented during the final inspection: Found Torsion bars and leaf springs weak, causing truck to lean to one side. Spring bushings rotted, L/F CV axle bad, rear bumper smashed(prevents rear hatch from opening), R/F inner splash shield missing, front tires starting to weather, L/F lower ball joint has slight movement, Front calipers starting to drag, all 4 rotors starting to pit, both batteries bad, R/F fog light smashed, front lower fascia missing, Door bushing worn out, license plate lights inop, driver's seat bottom torn, driver's mirror cracked, power mirrors inop, transmission mount bolt backed out3/4" (corroded and rusty, may not tighten), transmission bell housing bolts missing on driver's side, inner and outer rocker panels rotted out, carrier bearing rotted, engine smokes and needs injectors, unit does not shart and run, has flat tires.


Chevrolet Silverado Truck - Pickup 2001
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Location: Midland, Michigan
Unit Price Unstated
Number of Units 1
Year of Manufacture 2001
Manufacturer Chevrolet
Model Silverado
Condition Fair

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DuPont Public Sales
Wilmington , Delaware

Deal directly with Owner:  DuPont Public Sales of Wilmington, Delaware