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Plant Or Process Equipment

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Daltec Centrifugal Blower Fan 
Daltec Centrifugal Blower Fan 

List all items of this typeBlowers - Other

in Blowers

Daltec Centrifugal Blower Fan:

Daltec Centrifugal Blower Fan

Model: IE-09 DMW


CFM: 950

Static Pressure: 20

Motor HP: 5.0, 1735 RPM, 230/460 Volt

Material: Carbon Steel


1 2,000.00 F* Kingsport, Tennessee


Falco 300 

List all items of this typePlant Equipment - Other

in Gas Plant Equipment

Falco 300 Catalytic Oxidizer:

Falmouth Products, Falco 300, Methanol Vent Catalytic Oxidizer. Manufacture date: 1/6/2011. S/N 10-3005-19 FM. 10 HP blower system attached. Has been out of service for 5 years.


1 35,000.00 F* Kingsport, Tennessee
General Electric  

General Electric  

GE MS6001B DLN-1 

List all items of this typeIndustrial Gas Turbines (<50MW)

in Gas Plant Equipment

Gas Turbine:

Turbine includes the following:
Air Cooled Generator 336X482
GE Gas Turbine 296624

Air Filter Housing 
GTG 51 Controls
GTG 51 Spare parts
Auxillaries: Lube Oil Skid, Starting Motor, Starting Motor Gearbox,
Exciter and Exciter to Gen Gearbox.

1   F* Texas City, Texas
Glaston Glass Tempering lines 
Glaston Glass Tempering lines 

List all items of this typePlant Equipment - Other

in Gas Plant Equipment

Glaston Glass Tempering lines:

2 each Used/Surplus Glaston Glass Tempering lines:


Model 3317:  60 Ft. long x 60” wide system, complete with Quench section and infeed conveyor.

The system will accept glass 1/2 “ (12.0mm) thick  by 120” long and runs continuously.

Maximum line speed is 300 Inches per minute on 2.7mm thick glass at a rate of 7500 Square Feet per hour.

Power consumption is 2400 KW/hr.   Price: $200,000.00-this does not include removal cost.


Model 2775: 120 Ft. long x 60” wide system, complete with Quench section and infeed conveyor.

The system will accept glass of similar size and meets performance standards of ANSI Z97.1-1990 per 16CFR 1201.

The operator rooms, Control systems and field devices (sensors and heating controls) are in place.

The maximum line speed on the 120 Ft. line is 580 Inches per Minute on the thinner glass.

These require 480VAC, 3 phase supply. Price: $250,000.00-this does not include removal cost.


Both units can be inspected onsite by appointment only in Kingsport, Tennessee

Both systems are without Quench and Cooling Blowers, but have ductwork intact that will connect to the quench and cooling systems.

All specs are from the Manuals provided by the manufacturer.  Both lines are being sold “as is”, “where is”.


1 lot 450,000.00 F* Kingsport, Tennessee
Mycom Rotary Screw Compressors (Skid Mount) 
Mycom Rotary Screw Compressors (Skid Mount) 

List all items of this typeRotary compressors

in Large-Scale Air Compressors

Mycom Rotary Screw Compressors (Skid Mount):

2 each skid mount compressor assemblies. Both have dual Mycom screw compressors and associated equipment. Originally installed in mid 80's to early 90's. The units were in good running condition when shut down approximately 2 years ago, although there is a possibility that the oil coolers are damaged as it was discovered that the water to the coolers was not valved out when shut down.

Displacement: 365 CFM, Capacity:4025#/HR @ 80 PSIA Suction and 352 PSIA  Discharge. Speed: 3550 rpm. Motor: 300 HP, 460 Volt, 60 Hz, 3 phase

Spare compressor also available

2 10,000.00 Kingsport, Tennessee



List all items of this typeSteam Turbines, Separate

in Rotating Equipment


Mfg: Turbodyne       Mfg Part #: 72441000    Serial #: D0747

Description: Turbine Rotor; Type 7 STAGE STEAM TURBINE; Size 7260 HP|D-R T-7 7STG STM TURBINE ASSY CAP 89-7-10-2-S, TURBODYNE U-24410 D-R MODEL T-7,

  • Length of the rotor = 9’  
  • Length from the top of the shaft to the first stage = 40”
  • Length from the last stage to the bottom of the shaft = 36”
  • The space between the 7th and 8th stage = 6 1/2"
  • Weight = 2,900 lbs

NO min bid - sealed bid will be awarded to highest bidder

Condition: sold “AS IS” with no warranties or liabilities. Dow recommends viewing to make your own determination of condition

HOURS OF OPERATION: 8am-3pm, Mon - Thurs

Posting date 08/12/20



1   Deer Park, Texas

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Falmouth, General Electric, Turbodyne