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Item IDItem DescriptionDescriptionInterface#PriceNotes Location
209845 200mm THIN WAFER Loader NSX 1 1,216.66 Dresden, Saxony
208813 Adaptive Power Syste APS3090Frequency Converter 90kVA 45-500 Hz 1 Scotia, New York
221385 Agilent E8510C 1 N* Singapore
195050 Arbin Instruments BT2000Two Channel Battery Tester 1 Scotia, New York
5016 Avtech AVXMRB6Impedance Matching Pulse Transformer 1 500.00 Scotia, New York
221395 Credence D10Test equipment 1 N* Singapore
221393 Credence Diamond 10Tester 1 N* Singapore
133832 Dickson THDX8" Temperature and Humidity Chart Recorder 1 Plano, TX
194595 Digatron Power Elect UBT100-10/45-3ME / P/N 2663-0001Universal Battery Tester 1 Scotia, New York
194596 Digatron Power Elect UBT100-10/45-5ME / P/N 2663-0401Universal Battery Tester 2 Scotia, New York
2624 EG&G 5206Analyzer, Two Phase Lock-inIEEE-488-GPIB 1 Scotia, New York
185722 Fluke 1625Advanced GEO Earth Ground Tester 1 1,650.00 Scotia, NY
42386 General Radio 1531AElectronic Stroboscope 1 1,900.00 Scotia, New York
42379 General Radio 1538-AElectronic Stroboscope 1 Scotia, New York
825 GPIB (IEEE 488) CABLESCables, GPIB 30 Scotia, NY
43065 Group3 DTM-141PSDigital TeslameterRS 232C 3 Scotia, New York
52839 Hewlett Packard 4142BSource Monitor, DC, Modular IEEE-488-GPIB 1 Scotia, New York
204380 Infineon Bruchless Motor benchBruchless Motor bench assembled in our site RS 232 1 lot Le Puy-Sainte-Réparade, Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur
2631 Keithley 7025-300Cables, Triaxial 1 50.00 Scotia, New York
2332 Keithley 705ScannerIEEE-488-GPIB 1 400.00 Scotia, New York
721 Keithley 7052Card, Matrix, 4x5 1 350.00 Scotia, New York
62773 Keithley Instruments 7152Low Current Matrix Card For 7001 and 7002 Mainfram 1 995.00 Scotia, New York
221389 Mosaid MS348001Tester 1 N* Singapore
190550 Ohm-Labs CS-200Precision Shunt - 200 mV 2 Scotia, New York
51983 Omega 6401-1KStrip Chart Recorder 1 Plano, TX
176798 Phenix Technologies 6CCE 30-7.5AC Dielectric Test SetRS 232 1 Scotia, New York
40151 Polytec OFV 3001 SF6Vibrometer ControllerIEEE-488-GPIB 1 Scotia, New York
209417 Polytec OFV-5000 OFV-534 VD-09Laser Vibrometer to 2.5MHz 1 Scotia, New York
40152 Polytec PSV-Z-040FJunction Box 1 Scotia, New York
163945 RGB Spectrum VideoLink 1650Scan Converter 1 Plano, TX
147352 Sensor Resistance Test BoxSensor Resistance Test Box 1 Plano, TX
209139 Solartron 1252AFrequency Response Analyzer 1 Scotia, New York
209133 Solartron 1260AImpedance Gain-Phase Analyzer 1 Scotia, New York
209138 Solartron 12962ASample Holder - Room Temperature 1 Scotia, New York
209140 Solartron 1296ADielectric Interface 1 Scotia, New York
221386 Synax SX141 1 N* Singapore
221394 Synax SX141Test equipment 1 N* Singapore
221392 Tabai-Espec ST-120Forced circulation and ventiation temperature 1 N* Singapore
221390 Temptronic Corp TP04000A-2B21-2Thermostream 1 N* Singapore
221387 Teradyne Magnum 1Test equipment 1 N* Singapore
209422 Terradyne CAT-004 1 Regensburg, Bavaria
147350 Unit Instruments 000-950-0017 URS Tester 2 Plano, TX
147351 Unit Instruments 002-00021 Cable Tester 2 Plano, TX
142371 United Detector Tech 61-Optometer 1 Plano, TX
221391 UVP Inc. C-600UV system 1 N* Singapore
163948 Velmex 8314Stepping Motor Controller/Drivers 1 Plano, TX
185591 Vitrek 964iHigh Voltage Hipot Switching SystemRS 232 1 1,525.00 Scotia, New York
120902 VLSI 1.77 umStep Height Standard 1 Plano, TX
58665 VLSI SHS-1.8QStep Height Standard 1 Plano, TX
58663 VLSI SHS-1800Step Height Standard 1 Plano, TX
58664 VLSI SHS-4.5Step Height Standard 1 Plano, TX
58659 VLSI SHS-4.5Step Height Standard 1 Plano, TX
58662 VLSI SHS-4500Step Height Standard 1 Plano, TX
58669 VLSI SHS-4500Step Height Standard 1 Plano, TX
120901 VLSI SHS-4500Step Height Standard 1 Plano, TX
120900 VLSI SHS-80 QCStep Height Standard 1 Plano, TX
132813 X-Rite 301Densitometer 1 Plano, TX
132814 X-Rite 301Densitometer 1 Plano, TX
132815 X-Rite 301Densitometer 1 Plano, TX
163890 Xitron 2503AHHigh Performance Power Analysis System 1 Scotia, New York

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