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Item IDItem DescriptionDescriptionCondition#PriceNotes Location
1785 Bausch & Lomb 312690ER-ArmVery Good 10 180.05 F* Scotia, New York
332 Karl Storz 483CLight Source, Fiber Optic, TwinVery Good 1 350.09 Scotia, New York
1893 Leica 445945Inclinable Focusing Drive/E-ArmLike New 9 F* Scotia, New York
62898 Nikon E-ArmE-Arm 21 140.04 F* Scotia, New York
1899 Nikon UA1E-armVery Good 7 140.04 Scotia, New York
1836 Olympus E-ArmE-ArmVery Good 3 100.03 Scotia, New York
112800 Olympus SZ-STB1E-Arm 4 140.04 F* Scotia, New York
2601 Reichert-Jung PhotostarCamera System, AutomaticVery Good 1 F* Scotia, New York
112806 UNKNOWN 0.75X OBJECTIVE0.75x Main Objective 2 115.03 Scotia, New York
1891 Wild 346910Tube Wedge with 15 deg InclineExcellent 1 300.08 Scotia, New York
108903 Zeiss 47 56 39Axiomat Base 2 F* Scotia, New York
108775 Zeiss 47 56 01-9900Axiomat Objective Module 2 Scotia, New York
1925 Zeiss 47 56 01-9902Axiomat Objective Module 1 Scotia, New York
108792 Zeiss 47 56 05Axiomat Objective Module S 2 Scotia, New York
108907 Zeiss 47 56 19-9900Axiomat Binocular Body 4 F* Scotia, New York
108888 Zeiss 47 56 36Axiomat Stage Carriers 1 Scotia, New York
108859 Zeiss 47 58 57Nose Piece For Axiomat Objective Module 2 Scotia, New York
1926 Zeiss 475610Axiomat Observation ModuleVery Good 3 Scotia, New York
1927 Zeiss 475620Axiomat Camera ModuleVery Good 2 Scotia, New York
167282 Zeiss GLAREX (47 56 24 - 9901)Projection Screen 1 F* Scotia, New York

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