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Linear Stages

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Item IDItem DescriptionConfigurationDrive SystemTotal Travel, XYZIndexer Incl#PriceNotes Location
»mm  in»mm  in»mm  in$
2345 Aerotech ALS50075/ALS50060X-Y30.0024.00 1 F* Scotia, New York
86406 Aerotech ATS 404Single AxisPrec Ball screw4.00 1 Scotia, New York
1227 Aerotech ATS02005-U-40PSingle AxisPrec Ball screw1.97 6 Scotia, New York
107843 Aerotech ATS100-100Single AxisPrec Ball screw4.00 1 Scotia, New York
107852 Aerotech ATS100-200Single AxisPrec Ball screw8.00 2 1,500.40 Scotia, New York
2341 Aerotech ATS50060-M-02PSingle AxisSuprec Balscrw24.00 1 Scotia, New York
5451 Aerotech AVS 105Single AxisLead screw0.20 1 Scotia, New York
2097 Anorad 4443Single AxisBallscrew7.00 1 750.20 Scotia, New York
42959 Bishop-Wisecarver LP-2W-BS-CENSingle AxisBallscrew6.00 2 375.10 Scotia, New York
42961 Bishop-Wisecarver LP-2W-BS-CENSingle AxisBallscrew10.00 2 475.13 Scotia, New York
39982 Cleveland Precision OTHERSingle AxisManual Drive3.00 1 400.11 Scotia, New York
24630 Daedal 406004Single AxisPrec Ball screw4.00 1 Scotia, New York
24631 Daedal 406016NEPSingle AxisPrec Ball screw16.00 1 F* Scotia, New York
2382 Daedal 408121SLHSingle AxisBallscrew12.00 1 1,950.52 Scotia, New York
2314 Daedal 424121Single AxisBallscrew12.00 1 Scotia, New York
2313 Daedal 424181Single AxisBallscrew18.00 1 F* Scotia, New York
85131 Daedal 4412Single AxisMicrometer Driv2.00 1 250.07 Scotia, New York
7836 Daedal 500000ETSingle AxisBallscrew12.00 2 Scotia, New York
2381 Daedal 506201SSingle AxisBallscrew20.00 1 Scotia, New York
133838 Danaher NoneX-YLead screw14.0012.00 1 1,975.53 F* Scotia, New York
92637 DCI 008-0725Single AxisLead screw6.00 1 450.12 Scotia, New York
31708 Del-Tron Precision NoneSingle AxisLead screw1.00 12 Scotia, New York
108679 Dover Instrument X-YBallscrew5.004.00 2 950.25 Scotia, New York
1556 Dover Instrument ES400S250CLSSingle AxisLead screw15.75 2 975.26 Scotia, New York
108681 Ealing Electro-Optic 37-0346X-YLead screw12.0012.00YES 1 1,200.32 Scotia, New York
66650 HEAVY DUTY LINEAR STAGE, 4.75" TRAVELSingle Axis4.75 1 200.05 Scotia, New York
82647 IntelLiDrives PXY-15X18 1 1,900.51 Scotia, New York
4298 Intelligent Actuator DSS5H100X-YBallscrew 3 Scotia, New York
570 Kensington Labs MS4X-Y-ZLead screw8.278.270.39 1 Scotia, New York
85954 Klinger B91-57055Single AxisLead screw7.50 2 1,400.38 Scotia, New York
134788 Line Tool Co. JX-Y-ZMicrometer Driv0.500.500.50 3 750.20 F* Scotia, NY
92640 LINEAR STAGE, 4" TRAVELSingle AxisBallscrew4.00 1 300.08 Scotia, New York
7961 Melles Griot 07 TEZ-501X-Y-ZMicrometer Driv0.240.240.12 1 395.11 Scotia, New York
81172 miCos VT-80Single AxisLead screw1.97 1 1,375.37 Scotia, New York
1584 MOTORIZED LINEAR STAGE, 7.25" TRAVELSingle AxisLead screw7.25 1 350.09 Scotia, New York
1583 MOTORIZED LINEAR STAGE, 9.25"Single AxisLead screw9.25 1 350.09 Scotia, New York
4819 MOTORIZED LINEAR X-Y STAGEX-YLead screw12.7512.75 1 Scotia, New York
8028 Neat TM1000SMSingle AxisBallscrew5.00 1 550.15 Scotia, New York
4548 Newport M426Single AxisNone1.00 7 210.06 Scotia, New York
2636 THK KR33ASingle AxisPrec Ball screw9.00 8 Scotia, New York

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Items from the following manufacturers are offered under Linear Stages:
Aerotech, Anorad, Bishop-Wisecarver, Cleveland Precision Systems, Daedal, Danaher Precision Systems, Del-Tron Precision, Inc., Design Components Inc, Dover Instrument, Ealing Electro-Optics, IntelLiDrives, Inc., Intelligent Actuator Inc, Kensington Labs, Klinger, Line Tool Company, Melles Griot, miCos GmbH, New England Affiliated Technologies, Newport, THK