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Capacitance Gauges

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Item IDItem DescriptionDescriptionPressure RangeConnection#PriceNotes Location
»mbar  torr$
172360 Adixen ASD 2002 / 112671Capacitance Vacuum Gauge99.76ISO16 1 Scotia, NY
170229 Adixen ASD 2004 / 112679Capacitance Vacuum Gauge1.00KF16 2 F* Scotia, New York
63248 MKS Instruments, Inc 102AA-00010ABBaratron Capacitance Gauge10.00Tubulation.5" 1 Scotia, New York
342 MKS Instruments, Inc 107Baratron Pressure Transducer1,000.00KF16 2 1,350.36 Scotia, New York
148799 MKS Instruments, Inc 122A-11063Baratron Capacitance Gauge 10.00VCR8 1 400.11 Scotia, New York
169712 MKS Instruments, Inc 122AA-00100ABBaratron Capacitance Gauge100.00Tubulation.5" 4 550.15 F* Scotia, New York
212056 MKS Instruments, Inc 122AA-00100BBBaratron Capacitance Gauge100.00 1 550.15 Scotia, New York
83006 MKS Instruments, Inc 127AA-00001ECapacitance Gauge1.00VCO8 1 425.11 Scotia, New York
169714 MKS Instruments, Inc 127AA-00010ABaratron Pressure Transducer10.00Tubulation.5 1 425.11 Scotia, New York
169713 MKS Instruments, Inc 127AA-00010BBaratron Pressure Transducer10.00VCR6 2 425.11 Scotia, New York
341 MKS Instruments, Inc 127AA01000BBaratron Pressure Transducer1,000.00VCR6 1 425.11 Scotia, New York
110635 MKS Instruments, Inc 141AA-00001BBVacuum Switch, Absolute Ambient Pressure1.00VCR8 5 290.08 Scotia, New York
62534 MKS Instruments, Inc 141AA-00100ABVacuum Switch, Absolute Ambient Pressure100.00Tubulation.5" 1 290.08 Scotia, New York
130303 MKS Instruments, Inc 141AA-00100ABVacuum Switch, Absolute Ambient Pressure100.00VCR8 4 290.08 Scotia, New York
134103 MKS Instruments, Inc 141AA-00100BBVacuum Switch, Absolute Ambient Pressure 100.00VCR8 1 290.08 Scotia, New York
90322 MKS Instruments, Inc 241AA-00010A-SCapacitance Gauge10.00Tubulation.5" 1 240.06 Scotia, New York
63842 MKS Instruments, Inc 241AA-01000AVacuum Switch1,000.00VCR8 3 240.06 Scotia, New York
63419 MKS Instruments, Inc 241AA-01000BVacuum Switch w/Fail Safe Feature1,000.00VCR8 6 240.06 Scotia, New York
130553 MKS Instruments, Inc 41A12DCA2BA040Pressure Switch w/Trip Point of 40 Torr100.00VCR4 1 200.05 Scotia, New York
154321 MKS Instruments, Inc 41A12DFE1AF000Pressure Switch (no Trip Point)100.00NPT.125" 1 200.05 Scotia, New York
130554 MKS Instruments, Inc 41A31DCA2BA004Pressure Switch w/Trip Point of 4 Torr30.00VCR4 6 200.05 Scotia, New York
130555 MKS Instruments, Inc 41A31DCA2BA030Pressure Switch w/Trip Point of 30 Torr30.00VCR4 1 200.05 Scotia, New York
130560 MKS Instruments, Inc 41A31DGA2BA020Pressure Switch w/Trip Point of 20 Torr30.00KF16 2 200.05 Scotia, New York
134321 MKS Instruments, Inc 41A31DGA2BA020Pressure Switch w/Trip Point of 20 Torr30.00VCR4 2 200.05 Scotia, New York
134104 MKS Instruments, Inc 623A13TAEBaratron Absolute Capacitance Manometer1,000.00Tubulation.5" 1 740.20 Scotia, New York
105573 MKS Instruments, Inc 626ABaratron Pressure Transducer10.00Tubulation.5" 3 Scotia, New York
159839 MKS Instruments, Inc 626A01TDEBaratron Capacitance Gauge1.00KF16 2 425.11 Scotia, New York
184467 MKS Instruments, Inc 627B23TBC1BBaratron Capacitance Manometer2,000.00VCR8 1 1,100.29 Scotia, New York
184468 MKS Instruments, Inc 627D13TBAC1BBaratron Capacitance Manometer1,000.00Tubulation0.5" 1 1,100.29 F* Scotia, New York
55789 MKS Instruments, Inc 628ACapacitance Gauge1.00VCR8 6 1,200.32 Scotia, New York
163803 MKS Instruments, Inc 628B 02TBE1BCapacitance Manometer 2.00VCR8 3 1,200.32 Scotia, New York
163804 MKS Instruments, Inc 628B02TDE1BCapacitance Manometer 2.00KF16 2 1,200.32 Scotia, New York
212052 MKS Instruments, Inc 690A01TRABaratron Capacitance Manometer1.00VCR4 1 2,375.64 Scotia, New York
209981 MKS Instruments, Inc 690A01TRBBaratron Capacitance Manometer1.00VCR4 1 2,200.59 Scotia, New York
129508 MKS Instruments, Inc 722A02TCE2FACompact Capacitance Manometer2.00VCR8 1 590.16 Scotia, New York
80528 MKS Instruments, Inc CT27A11TDC910Pressure Transducer10.00KF16 11 1,150.31 Scotia, New York
131481 MKS Instruments, Inc CT27A13TDC910Pressure Transducer1,000.00KF16 10 1,150.31 Scotia, New York
130294 MKS Instruments, Inc DMA-23383Digital Manometer10.00KF16 1 625.17 Scotia, New York
130297 MKS Instruments, Inc DMA-23384Digital Manometer1,000.00KF16 1 625.17 Scotia, New York
128099 MKS Instruments, Inc DMA-25030Digital Manometer1,000.00KF16 3 625.17 Scotia, New York
129113 MKS Instruments, Inc DMA-27115Digital Manometer10.00Tubulation.5" 1 625.17 Scotia, New York
65615 MKS Instruments, Inc PTS-2BPortable Pressure Transfer Standard10.00 1 3,851.03 Scotia, New York
65664 MKS Instruments, Inc PTS-2BPortable Pressure Transfer Standard 10.00 3 Scotia, New York
129199 Mykrolis CDLD 3120ECapacitance Gauge - 1000 Torr1,000.00KF25 1 950.25 F* Scotia, New York
186492 Mykrolis CDLD-0220ECapacitance Gauge - 2 Torr 2.00KF25 1 950.25 Scotia, New York

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Items from the following manufacturers are offered under Capacitance Gauges:
Adixen, MKS Instruments, Inc., Mykrolis