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in Vacuum Pumping Systems
Deal directly with Owner:  Cline Innovations LLC of Sterling, Massachusetts
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Edwards Drystar GV600 Dry Pump with Aerzen Roots Blower GLB.15.11 HV-07

--Large capacity BOC Edwards GV600F Drystar dry mechanical pump.
--Aerzen GLB.15.11 HV-07 roots blower.
--Please see attached documentation.

From Edwardsvacuum.com:

The design of the Edwards GV dry pumps is based on the well-proven claw technology for dry pumps. Two pairs of claw shaped rotors on two shafts rotate in opposite directions to trap and compress the pro­cess gas which flows along the axis of the shafts between the claw pairs.

During each complete rotation of the claws, first the inlet port of each claw pair is exposed (to admit gas to the pump), then both the inlet and outlet are isolated (to trap and compress the gas), and then the outlet is exposed (to expel the compressed gas). The claw mechanism offers the following features:

•Dry operation, non contact mechanism
•Self valving - the pump can deliver to atmospheric pressure
•Short gas path - better particulate handling
•Staged compression - efficient power use
•High process temperature - excellent water vapor handling

Low vacuum bearings (at the exhaust stage of the pump) are protected from the process stream by a unique gas-purged shaft-seal. Compressed air is fed to the shaft seals which prevents the ingress of process contaminants, including gases, vapors and particulates.

Low cost of ownership
GV pumps can offer real cost of ownership savings. The GV pumps are robust and reliable, delivering a reduction in process downtime which would lead to lost production. In addition, the minimized cost of routine maintenance (such as oil and filter replacement, spares inventory holding and oil disposal) all adds to the savings using GV dry pumps. With service intervals of 18 months for re-greased bearings and 3 years for bearing changes, the GV pumps offer a highly reliable and cost effective alternative to piston pumps.

Edwards Drystar GV600 Dry Pump with Aerzen Roots Blower GLB.15.11 HV-07

Location: Leominster, Massachusetts
Unit Price Unstated
Number of Units 1
Manufacturer Edwards
Model GV600F GV600
Dry Pump YES
Roots Pump Model Aerzen GLB.15.11 HV-07
Other Information 

The GV600 Drystar pumps have a displacement of (793m3hr-1)
Technical Data
Construction 3 Claw + 1 roots
Displacement (swept volume) 793 m3h-1 / 467 ft3min-1
Pumping speed * 560 m3h-1** / 330 ft3min-1**
Ultimate pressure Power consumption at 10mbar/ 7.5 Torr 7 Kw / 9 hp
Motor rating 22.5 Kw / 30 hp
Cooling water flow at 20°C 5.5 l min-1 / 1.43 gal min-1
Seal purge (dry air) Noise level 80 dB(A)
Inlet connection ISO100
Outlet connection ISO63
Weight 950 kg / 2100 lbs
Gear box oil capacity 1.6 liter / 0.42 gal
Electrical supply 380/415V 50 Hz 3 Ø
* Measured in accordance with Pneurop 6602 at 40°C
** GV600 @1 mbar

Extended Description  Details at Edwards GV600 Drypump & Aerzen Blower Integration Drwg.pdf
Condition Very Good
Year of Manufacture 2000
click to view document at right in new windowAerzen GLB.15.11 roots blower
click to view document at right in new windowEdwards Drystar GV600

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Cline Innovations LLC
Sterling , Massachusetts
+1 (978) 422-2901

Deal directly with Owner:  Cline Innovations LLC of Sterling, Massachusetts